Beyond Outreachy: Final Interviews and Internship Review

Beyond Outreachy Interviews and Review

The last few weeks (week 11 – week 13) of Outreachy were probably the hardest weeks. I had to do 3 informational interviews with the goal of getting a better picture of the open source/free software industry.

The thought of talking to someone I don’t even know just overwhelms me. So this assignment just leaves me scared to death. Pressing that “Send Email” button to these interviewees required me to summon up all of my courage but it was totally worth it. I really appreciate their time for chatting with me.

On the other hand, it’s hard to believe the internship is coming to an end! Good news is that I will be sticking around Debci after this.


給薪的開源實習:Outreachy 申請心得

Outreachy 申請心得

想要貢獻 Open Source,又有錢可以領,除了 Google Summer of Code 外,還可以考慮看看 Outreachy!Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 最大的限制是:你必須擁有學生身份才能申請。如果不是學生的話怎麼辦?

Outreachy logo

儘管你已經不是學生了,或只是想探索一個新的選擇,那就可以考慮申請 Outreachy。計畫詳細的內容可以直接上官網看,這邊只做一個極簡的介紹:

  1. 實習獎助金:5500 美元
  2. 全遠端工作
  3. 實習期間:三個月
  4. 特別鼓勵女孩兒,跨性別者及弱勢族群參與
  5. 如果要參加專案相關的研討會,有 500 美元的旅費補助可以申請

不諱言第一點還是很重要,這是有領錢的實習。對於已經上班的人更是重要。跟 GSoC 比較不一樣的是,Outreachy 也不用自己從無到有生出一個 proposal。英文心得主要是分享心法,所以偏向申請時的心態。這篇文則是注重實際執行的步驟。畢竟如果只是英翻中,好像就不需要寫這篇了。


2019-07-24 Outreachy 時程有做調整,詳情請見這裡差異為:

  1. Initial application 和記錄貢獻時程拆開
  2. Project 一開始就會確定,不會隨著時間增加



Outreachy Week 8 – Week 9: Remote or In-Office Working

Remote or in-office working

The Week 9 blog prompt recommended by Outreachy was to write about my career goals. To be honest, this is a really hard topic for me. As long as a career path involves some form of coding, creating and learning new things, I’m willing to take it on. The best situation could be that it is also doing something good for the society. This might be because that “something that I am too passionate for” doesn’t yet exist in my life. For now, I wish I’d still be coding 5 years from now. It’s just that simple. The only thing that I would like to see improvement upon is gender balance for this industry.

As for working environment, I would like to share some thoughts after having experienced both extremes of totally remote work and complete in-office work. There are a lot of articles out there comparing the pros and cons. Here are just my opinions on the time spent not working:

  • Dozing off
  • Socializing

Outreachy Week 6 – Week 7: Getting Code Merge

Outreachy Week 6 and 7 Getting Code Merge

Already half way through the internship! I have implemented some features and opened a merge request. So… what now? Let’s get those changes merged once and for all! Since I’m already at mid-point, there’s also a video shared on what I’ve done so far in this project.

  • Breaking large merge request into smaller pieces
  • Thoughts on remote pair programming
  • Video sharing for the current progress with the project

Making that video was probably the most time-consuming part. Paying great respects to all YouTubers out there!


Outreachy Week 5: What is debci?

Outreachy week 5 what is debci

The theme for this week in Outreachy is “Think About Your Audience”. So I’m currently thinking about you.

Or not?

After being asked sooo many times what am I doing for this internship, I think I never explained it well enough so that others could understand. Let me give it a try here.

debci is short for “Debian Continuous Integration”, so I’ll start with a short definition of what “Continuous Integration” is then!


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