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Outreachy Week 6 – Week 7: Getting Code Merge

Outreachy Week 6 and 7 Getting Code Merge

Already half way through the internship! I have implemented some features and opened a merge request. So… what now? Let’s get those changes merged once and for all! Since I’m already at mid-point, there’s also a video shared on what I’ve done so far in this project.

  • Breaking large merge request into smaller pieces
  • Thoughts on remote pair programming
  • Video sharing for the current progress with the project

Making that video was probably the most time-consuming part. Paying great respects to all YouTubers out there!


Outreachy Week 5: What is debci?

Outreachy week 5 what is debci

The theme for this week in Outreachy is “Think About Your Audience”. So I’m currently thinking about you.

Or not?

After being asked sooo many times what am I doing for this internship, I think I never explained it well enough so that others could understand. Let me give it a try here.

debci is short for “Debian Continuous Integration”, so I’ll start with a short definition of what “Continuous Integration” is then!


Udacity Full Stack Nanodegree 心得

Udacity Full Stack Nanodegree

恩!沒有看錯的,我是在2018-08-20的時候畢業的。拖了好久,終於下「鍵」了,首先感謝 Women Techmakers (WTM) 讓當時還是窮學生的我可以免費上課。回想起來運氣真的很好,當時 Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship 錄取率約 1.25%,竟然就這樣上了。錄取的課程為 Full Stack Nanodegree。

TL;DR 的極簡心得

不管是收費方式或事課綱在我上完後皆有改過,核心課程變成以 Python 為主的後端課程。會推 Full Stack Nanodegree 或任何 Udacity 的課程主要原因為真人改作業及一對一 mentor。大家卻步的理由不外乎就是太貴了。我比較喜歡當時上的版本,現在要畢業也沒那麼難了。推薦給想要在線上課程獲得和實體課程相同體驗的朋友們。至於畢業後能不能保證找得到工作?這答案肯定為「不一定」,所以不要再問了。



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