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The Outreachy 2019 May-August Internship – The Application Process



Really excited to be accepted for the project “Debian Continuous Integration: user experience improvements” (referred to as debci in this post) of the 2019 May-August round of the Outreachy internship! A huge thanks to my company and my manager Frank for letting me do this since I mentioned it out of the blue. Thanks to the Women Techmakers community for letting me know this program exists.

There are already blog posts that also has an introduction of the program, such as:

  1. How I got into Mozilla’s Outreachy open source internship program
  2. My Pathway to Outreachy with Mozilla
  3. Outreachy: What? How? Why?

To me, the biggest difference between Outreachy and Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is that you don’t have to be a student in order to apply.

This post won’t be going into the details of “What is Outreachy” in this post, and will focus on the process, where everyone will have a different story. This is my version, and hope that you can find yours in the near future!

Table of contents:


在 Mac 上從 docker 容器內連到本機(localhost)

最近開始在用 docker ,但我實在是太笨了,所以把撞牆的筆記記下來免得再撞一次。

情境:因為要寫 e2e 的測試,而原本的環境都在 docker 裡面。只有要測試的網頁因為我還在修改,不想要改一點就 build image,所以先放在 localhost,所以想要從 docker 的 container 裡面連到 localhost 的網頁。

Google 關鍵字:accessing localhost inside docker container
Docker 版本:Docker version 17.09.0-ce, build afdb6d4


  1. 以要存取 localhost:8000 為例子,如果不是用 Chrome 瀏覽器存取,就直接用

    use docker.for.mac.localhost:8000 to connect to localhost:8000

  2. 如果是要用 Chrome 的話,則要連到


  1. Cannot connect to docker.for.mac.localhost · Issue #511 · SeleniumHQ/docker-selenium
  2. From inside of a Docker container, how do I connect to the localhost of the machine? – Stack Overflow

Installing vue-cli with Yarn

FYI, I’m only starting out too, this post just delivers the topic “Installing vue-cli with Yarn”, and it’s not working out of the box as of 2016-11-02. See issue. It will be fixed very soon.

No comparisons, no introductions, and other bullshit involved.

Just checking out vue.js and saw that it provides a cli tool to scaffold projects, Just wondering, why not just use yo generator? And I found this issue, saying

The main reason is that vue-cli makes it easier to just fork one of the official templates and create your own tailored template. […]

The other factor is branding. vue init just feels better than yo vue 😉

So for the sake of feeling better… I guess?


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